Selfienomics by Revant Himatsingka [Book Review]

selfienomicsTitle : Selfienomics

Author : Revant Himatsingka

ISBN : 9789386141675

Publisher : Bloomsbury India

Genre : Self Help

Pages : 196

Source : Publisher

Rating : 4 stars

Self Help is one genre that I actively resist- that too by all means. So when I received a fresh copy of “Selfienomics” by Bloomsbury India, I was quite skeptical to take the plunge. But then the cover page claimed to be a “funny” guide and the preface further claimed that the book offers “hilarious” advice on how to make money, get the most out of your job, broaden your network etc and hence I decided to give it a try. As evident by the 4 star rating that I have given, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and to my utter surprise, the book even turned out to be a page turned at various points.

Revant has an eye for detail- he has closely pondered over the issues that the young generation faces, the thought process it goes through and offers genuine advice (in a hilarious way) to how to live better and happier. Every page is full of relevant quotes (some by philosophers, some by well known authors while others are Whatsapp forwards), bollywood-inspired hashtags and witty one liners (Narendra Modi is like Vidya Balan in Kahaani- He just doesn’t deliver). The author is a certified Health Coach and hence it is needless to say that the chapter on Health & Fitness is extremely profound and I really found some tips very handy and useful.

The book is good to clear your thoughts, make you think twice about a particular phenomenon, and to inspire you for change- all these while maintaining a humorous and “desi” tone.

If you are looking for some life-altering advise on health, charity, patriotism, career, finances and self-improvement but are too wary of a typical preachy self-help book, I would strongly advice you to give “Selfienomics” a try. Kudos to the author for an honest, brilliant and impact-creating debut!

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