The Bridges of Madison County by Robert James Waller [Book Review]

Bridges of madison county.jpgTitle : The Bridges of Madison County

Author : Robert James Waller

ISBN : 9780099421344

Publisher : Arrow Books

Genre : Romantic Fiction

Pages : 171

Source : Self

Rating : 5 stars



Doesn’t matter if you are a reader or not, you MUST read this is a small book of metaphors.

I cannot find the right words to justify my experience of reading this.

A love story that is beautiful as it gets, may be because of the novelty of it all and how lucky they are to have that, even for a very small period of time.

I do not want to go over the story but let me just say that this story is amazing and painful. It also reminds me of what i was told once, “Say what you feel like before it is too late”. But here it never really was.

A man bringing such strong passion in a woman who decides to give herself up even to his absence marks the beauty in it. We all get that in the purest and simplest of forms only if we keep our mind open to search for it and acknowledge it without the society’s benchmark.

Please refuse to die before reading this book.

Reviewed by Pavan Kumar B C

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