The Bridges of Madison County by Robert James Waller [Book Review]

Bridges of madison county.jpgTitle : The Bridges of Madison County

Author : Robert James Waller

ISBN : 9780099421344

Publisher : Arrow Books

Genre : Romantic Fiction

Pages : 171

Source : Self

Rating : 5 stars



Doesn’t matter if you are a reader or not, you MUST read this is a small book of metaphors.

I cannot find the right words to justify my experience of reading this.

A love story that is beautiful as it gets, may be because of the novelty of it all and how lucky they are to have that, even for a very small period of time.

I do not want to go over the story but let me just say that this story is amazing and painful. It also reminds me of what i was told once, “Say what you feel like before it is too late”. But here it never really was.

A man bringing such strong passion in a woman who decides to give herself up even to his absence marks the beauty in it. We all get that in the purest and simplest of forms only if we keep our mind open to search for it and acknowledge it without the society’s benchmark.

Please refuse to die before reading this book.

Reviewed by Pavan Kumar B C

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Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma [Book Review]

forbidden.jpgTitle : Forbidden

Author : Tabitha Suzuma

ISBN : 9781862308169

Publisher : Definitions

Genre : Romance

Pages : 432

Source : Self

Rating : 4 stars



You’ve always been my best friend, my sould mate, and now I’ve fallen in love with you too. Why is that such a crime. 

I must agree that this not a happy read though it made me chuckle here and there once every 200 pages. The words are beautifully woven to make a complicated fabric of story which it a taboo all in all. Incest. This story is highly relatable for any kind of affection that is marked derogatory by the society. Never have I read something so powerful and alluring in a really long time. I had to slow down and marvel at the simplicity of the language and the thousand emotions it conveyed.

The plot revolves around a father who has walked out on his family, a mother who refuses to cope with it and lost all interest with her family and ever really their for her children and of course, the protagonists, Lochan and Maya on whom the burden of the family falls down. At parts, it seemed quite unrealistic for these two teenagers to literally show the attributes of parents in taking care of their 3 siblings, but circumstances can bring out something too well that it can be too deadly. I think what really triggered these emotions between Lochan and Maya were the situations where they were forced to be the Mother and father for their brothers and sister. I liked how it is made clear that incest is not always the cause of a bad childhood or a traumatizing experience that they would have faced as grown ups. The book is written in a way that makes you question, “All they did was love”,”Why should that be a heinous crime only because they were born from a same woman?”,”Can this society be so prejudicial to not see where they were coming from?”. It is a thought stirrer, truly.

It was predictable for most part of the story that the story was not going to be rainbows and marshmallows but I really disapprove how things ended up with Lochan. I could definitely see where he was coming from but I would hate to believe that there was no alternative. Or may be there was not.

It had some beautiful moments, extraordinary lines that I had to read twice to savor it, jaw dropping instances and some fine erotic versus that were so subtle and yet magnificent to read. I would suggest anyone to pick this up and give it a read, a little slow paced but it will be worth it, I promise.

Reviewed by Pavan Kumar B C

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