Divine Trouble by Meraaqi [Book Review]

Meraaqi.jpgTitle : Divine Trouble

Author : Meraaqi

ISBN : 9781945621376

Publisher : Notionpress

Genre : Poems

Pages : 163

Source : Self

Rating : 5 stars




I’m going to start by posting an excerpt from the book. This is my favorite poem:

Dare to Bloom

I am often accused of being too Gentle
In a world that demands people to be tough.
You must know that it takes Courage to be sensitive and delicate,
Like a flower that dares to Bloom in the crevice of a rock.

Beautiful, right?

Divine Trouble is a collection of beautiful, mesmerizing poems written by a Mumbai based poetess Meraaqi. It is her debut publication and for a debut it is exceptionally brilliant.
I’ve always been a lover of quotes and poetry and have read poems extensively. Most poems I have read have been beautiful, insightful and quite difficult to decipher, but, this is the first time I’ve come across poems that are so easy to decipher that they look effortlessly beautiful. Of course, the said poetess has put in a lot of effort into it to make it so.

I have been trying to find the right adjectives to describe the marvel that is Divine Trouble, but, no great combination of words can do justice to this, it is truly a masterpiece. Divine Trouble is not merely a collection of poems, it is a piece of art, and it is pure talent splashed across pages. Simple, delicate and sophisticated and at the same time fiercely reflect your vulnerable self.

The poems are simple to read, yet very eloquent and gracefully gentle. I especially love the metaphorical narrative used in the poems, like in this one:

Horse of Mirrors

There is a horse made of mirrors that comes alive with my fear.
It runs with me, showing me everything that I am afraid to look at.
And in those rare moments of bravery when I stop and make peace,
It shatters like it never existed at all.

The poems speak to you. If you’re a poem lover this book is highly recommended. Something I’m going to go back to again and again.

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