The BookTrack is a group of..well no points for guessing here..readers!
You might think there are unlimited reviews available already on Goodreads and numerous Bibliophagists. Then what is the need of another Book Review Blog. Well, The BookTrack is different. Why? Read on!

  1. Crisp, Short Reviews– The Booktrack doesn’t believe in giving spoilers. All you will get to know about the concept/idea/premise/theme/preface and the rest is upto you to decide if you want to pick up the book or not. We do not believe you in intimidating you with lengthy reviews which might throw away the major information, thereby leading to lesser enjoyment while you do your binge reading on a lazy Sunday afternoon.
  2. Book Deals! – One of the major aims of The BookTrack is to make people believe that books (hard copies) are indeed cheap. You don’t believe us? Join our facebook group and we will always let you know about the major deals in books in multiple e-commerce websites. The deals are also updated on our facebook page
  3. Book Giveaways- Book giveaways are common on Goodreads. We are bringing it to our blog and facebook page. Keep following and you might win free author-signed copies.

    Sounds interesting? Do you want to join us? Drop a mail to thebooktrack0616@gmail.com and we shall get back to you right away!