India vs Pakistan by Husain Haqqani [Book Review]

India vs Pakistan.jpg
India vs Pakistan by Husain Haqqani

Title : India vs Pakistan: Why Can’t We Just Be Friends?

Author : Hasain Haqqani

ISBN : 9788193237250

Publisher : Juggernaut

Genre : Geopolitics & International Relations

Pages : 200

Source : Self

Rating : 5 stars




The only reason I picked this book was it being written by a Pakistani and I wanted to read a perspective from the other side of the border. It turned out that the author is not just a Pakistani, but a former Pakistani ambassador to the US and has held several high-ranking positions including as adviser to three former Pakistani prime ministers. Nevertheless, I was still expecting a biased version with distorted facts and figures (after all what can you expect from the bureaucrat of a country that has distorted the reporting of its own history!), but I was completely taken by surprise that how profoundly and maturely Mr. Haqqani has pin pointed all reasons as to why “India and Pakistan can’t be friends
In this short but whistle blower account, Haqqani clearly describes how Pakistani Mullah+Military camaraderie is not only terrorizing India but their own country and how the civilian government has been completely paraplegic to contain that. The author has tried to dive deep in the issue and has discussed the sentiments of the governments, military and civilian population of each country towards the other and correlates it with the various historical milestones that have perpetuated the current scenario. The book discusses Pakistan‘s faulty foreign policy and mistrust towards India, its tacit approval to irregular warfare (read terrorism), the gradual Islamization of the country and frankly compares the current attributes of both the countries that were ‘born together’

To cut it short, the book is a completely ‘honest and blunt‘ account (I might not be surprised if it is being banned in Pakistan for obvious reasons) and is a good choice to pick up if you want some hands-on, quick insights about the concerned scenario.

Buy yourself a copy of the book here: India vs Pakistan: Why Can’t We Just Be Friends?

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