The Strange Library by Haruki Murakami [Book Review]

The Strange Library.jpg
The Strange Library by Haruki Murakami

Title : The Strange Library

Author : Haruki Murakami

ISBN : 9781846559211

Publisher : Harvill Secker

Genre : Contemporary Fiction

Pages : 77

Source : Self

Rating : 2 stars




“The strange library” was a good experiment in terms of writing. Yes, it had the typical Marukami material through out. One day a scholar needs to be descended from Murakami’s literary brain cells and explain the module of his intentions in his novels. I absolutely adore his way of writing but this book had its own positives and negatives.

A boy goes to a library to return the book he had finished reading and plans to get more regarding tax litigation. He was told to go downstairs where he meets an old man who is cruel and shred and manifests him into following him after helping him get the book he wanted. The old man successfully tricks the boy into a joy where he is to read for 3 months and his brain would be eaten long after that. The whole story is about the escape.

The book to see is beautiful, quite unconventional but the pictures in them were unnecessary. Sure, dogs, feathers and shoes come in the story but I would not have any problem picturing it instead of wondering how these elements might look like.

And if someone may, please explain the below.

  1. The pretty girl who exists in his own world and the girl in the book he was reading who cannot talk as well, are they same and if yes, how?
  2. What was that the old man coughed?
  3. What did the switch the old man used for?
  4. Why did the narrator’s mother die?
  5. How did the crow escape?
  6. How did the old man manage to find the dog that bit the boy years ago?
  7. How did the bird manage to grow in size and attack the old man?
  8. How did the bird speak and why was the voice same as the pretty girl’s who gives him his dinner?

And the questions go on and on. Are these metaphors for something? Did I fail to read between the lines? I cannot quite understand.

All in all, the book kept me going until the end and this probably is the only novel that I have finished in 15 minutes. So yay.

Review by Pavan Kumar B C

Buy yourself a copy here: The Strange Library

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