An interview with Revant Himatsingka

An interview with Revant Himatsingka, author of Selfienomics – A seriously funny guide to living the good life.


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Revant Himatsingka, author of Selfienomics


As a graduate of NYU Stern School of Business, Revant was initially headed for a career in Finance. Soon after, he left his Wall Street job and also turned down an MBA offer from IIM Bangalore in order to pursue his passion for improving the thought process of India’s youth.

He wrote Selfienomics at the age of 22-23 and became one of the youngest authors to sign a contract with Bloomsbury. This is his debut novel.


Please describe your book in one sentence.

Selfienomics is a seriously funny guide to being the best version of yourself.


Tell us in brief, what led up to this book?

I wanted to reach out to a large number of people. As a 22 year-old, you have 4 options to reach out to a wide audience—create a high-quality social media page, make a movie, join politics, or write a book.

Social media is too over-crowded so people don’t take you seriously. Movie and politics require a lot of experience and a team of people. Writing a book is the most convenient option—it requires no experience and can be done individually. All you need is a laptop (or a pen and paper). So I decided to write a self-help book aimed at improving the thought process of the youth.


What authors do you admire?

I am more influenced by directors than authors. I like the way Rajkumar Hirani combines humour with life-lessons. I feel if Selfienomics was written by a director, it would be Rajkumar Hirani. Some of the authors who I like are Stephen Covey, Viktor Frankl, Mitch Albom.


Do you have an agent?



What inspires you to write?

I’m not a writer, I’m a thinker. It’s the thinker in me which forced me to write. I was frustrated at the way people spent their time and money and I had the self- confidence that I could contribute in changing it.


Do you have days when writing is a struggle? How do you keep yourself motivated?

In this age, there are more demotivating things happening rather than motivating. So you have to try and find motivation, rather than wait for motivation. I changed my email password to #Iamanauthor. Everytime, I typed my password, it motivated me to complete my book. This particularly helped when I accidently deleted 2 chapters. I had taken 1 month to write those chapters. I got frustrated. I thought of giving up the book. But the simple act of typing #Iamanauthor made me go ahead with the book and rewrite the chapters.


What are your favorite books to give and get as gifts?

To Give- Selfienomics

To get-  7 habits of highly effective people


Hardest thing about being a writer?

Most writers are either students, or are doing full-time jobs elsewhere. So they typically write in their free-time. If you want to become an author, you have to learn how to make the most of your free time.


Best piece of writing advice?

Don’t overplan. Just begin.


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Simon Vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli [Book Review]

simonTitle : Simon Vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda

Author : Becky Albertalli

ISBN : 9780141356099

Publisher : Penguin

Genre : Young Adult, LGBT

Pages : 303

Source : Self

Rating : 5 stars



“People really are like house with vast rooms and tiny windows. And maybe it’s a good thing, the way we never stop surprising each other.”

It’s not very often that I pick up a YA book but Simon Vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda was on my TBR since it has been published and I was finally able to pick it up (and finish it at one go!).

Simon, who is “not openly gay” is slowly falling in love with his “e-mail friend” whom he calls Blue and who studies in the same school as his. But one day another classmate reads the emails and starts blackmailing him. Meanwhile Simon is completely falling for Blue and is desperate to find out who exactly he is.

The book alternates between the story and the e-mail exchanges between Simon and Blue and those are the most adorable part of the book. Harmless flirting, sexual & non sexual attraction, slowly falling in love while things are not going well at school, the desperation to know who your love interest actually is- all these are portrayed so effortlessly but beautifully through the e-mails that I couldn’t help myself from grinning and smiling throughout.

Though I couldn’t get many pop-culture references, but the story, plot and the lovely characters compensated for that. The “coming out” scenes have been written with great depth and understanding and though they are funny, still leave an impact.

“Why is straight the default? Everyone should have to declare one way or another, and it shouldn’t be this big awkward thing whether you’re straight, gay, bi, or whatever. I’m just saying.” 

A short, hearty, adorable book and I don’t see any reason why one shouldn’t read this.

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Selfienomics by Revant Himatsingka [Book Review]

selfienomicsTitle : Selfienomics

Author : Revant Himatsingka

ISBN : 9789386141675

Publisher : Bloomsbury India

Genre : Self Help

Pages : 196

Source : Publisher

Rating : 4 stars

Self Help is one genre that I actively resist- that too by all means. So when I received a fresh copy of “Selfienomics” by Bloomsbury India, I was quite skeptical to take the plunge. But then the cover page claimed to be a “funny” guide and the preface further claimed that the book offers “hilarious” advice on how to make money, get the most out of your job, broaden your network etc and hence I decided to give it a try. As evident by the 4 star rating that I have given, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and to my utter surprise, the book even turned out to be a page turned at various points.

Revant has an eye for detail- he has closely pondered over the issues that the young generation faces, the thought process it goes through and offers genuine advice (in a hilarious way) to how to live better and happier. Every page is full of relevant quotes (some by philosophers, some by well known authors while others are Whatsapp forwards), bollywood-inspired hashtags and witty one liners (Narendra Modi is like Vidya Balan in Kahaani- He just doesn’t deliver). The author is a certified Health Coach and hence it is needless to say that the chapter on Health & Fitness is extremely profound and I really found some tips very handy and useful.

The book is good to clear your thoughts, make you think twice about a particular phenomenon, and to inspire you for change- all these while maintaining a humorous and “desi” tone.

If you are looking for some life-altering advise on health, charity, patriotism, career, finances and self-improvement but are too wary of a typical preachy self-help book, I would strongly advice you to give “Selfienomics” a try. Kudos to the author for an honest, brilliant and impact-creating debut!

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