The Lowland by Jhumpa Lahiri [Book Review]

Final Lowland cover.inddTitle : The Lowland

Author : Jhumpa Lahiri

ISBN : 9780307265746

Publisher : Knopf

Genre : Contemporary fiction

Pages : 340

Source : Self

Rating : 4 stars

Decades of lives of the people who are linked to each other in a unique way, a guilt that binds all of them, which ends by giving no notion to the readers. An amazing journey that embarks from the beginning of a new life to the end, a beginning of a second life deeming for the end of it, amazingly written by Jhumpa Lahiri.

The story takes you to the places, alternatively, yet very precisely, that is left with the content of living, content of absolute solitude and a thirst to get up as the lives linked, that seems thinner than a membrane, move with a steady phase. The responsibilities that are taken, neglected by the creator for a better/worse reasons, ending with the deep longing of what was left, what could have been theirs and what would not have been specific, considering how misplaced and lost life was.

A steady journey of revolt for the better tomorrow that threatened to bury the present deep beneath the arcs of life, love towards the other brother, same yet very different, precise and yet deeply mortified for what they are, Marriage that is shared for better and worse that engulfs the lives that are surrounded that is affecting the generations yet to arrive and the promise that are promised to break, shattering the foundations of what could have been beautiful.

A novel, slow in pace, that does not make you laugh and yet make you close it, stare at the wall for a minute and go on with where it was left, only to realize, it was never really the end.

Buy yourself a copy here.

Reviewed by Pavan Kumar B C

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