Great Expectations by Charles Dickens [Book Review]

greatexpectations-charlesdickens-120523031601-phpapp01-thumbnail-4.jpgTitle : Great Expectations

Author : Charles Dickens

ISBN : 9780192833594

Publisher : Oxford University Press

Genre : Classic

Pages : 505

Source : Self

Rating : 5 stars

Sometimes we expect more from others because we would be willing to do that much for them. Expectations seemed abundant in this story and not just for the protagonist. Let’s start with the characters that showed up first and the instances that made them who they were. The seeming heart wrecking story begins and ends at the same place among the same set of people which I guess was the very first hint of everything in life bouncing back at us when we least expect it that is also the Moral of the story.

Mrs. Gargery, a cold blooded sister who was extra thorny for her brother and husband was grievously selfish from the very beginning and her expectations leaded her from a perpetual longing and suffering throughout the story. Her husband, the naive and the sweetest among all, though weak with his attributes, compensated for everything his wife ever was that includes her brother with whom he shared a senseless relationship of more than just a brother by law; friendship. Joe, Gargery, who lived as a commoner with no vivacious expectations leads a significantly comfortable life by doing good and receiving the equal share of happiness throughout, for his expectations were never too forged.

The story takes a vicious turn when the protagonist, Pip is thrown into the worlds of richness, beauty and the mere materialistic attributes and not to mention a woman’s wrath on men for her befuddling past. Yes, the expectations of Miss Havisham, carefully netted and structured to carry out from her adopted daughter is the outset for pip’s first step towards the real life which, according to Estella (adopted daughter) would mold anyone once the suffering has been stronger than all other teaching. The expectations of these two women, self-interested and dolor, lead them to an afflictive epiphany over the course of life which she believed was engineered and confounding and disastrous future respectively.

The pockets play one of the significant plays in molding pip’s dream and the most important one is Herbert pocket, who made an appearance as to not have a bright life and success in the eyes of Pip and held just one selfless expectation of growing powerful and independent. Offering his love to Clara and friendship to Pip, he executes his dream of being a valet, a husband and a greatest of friends.

Everything which is done in the present, affects the future by consequence, and the past by redemption. Enter, Magwitch. The benefactor of Pip who seized to be what he was that was made through his past and decides to replenish it by carrying out the deeds of someone else’s expectation. That involved being a gentleman for a reason of marrying a beautiful woman by snubbing whoever who held him dear. This is where the expectations of Pip and the convict intervene for one is helping another to become what he hopes for and another is helping the one in letting him, which according to him is the much needed salvation. One leading to death and another, taking a curvature and bringing him back to where he started.

Most of the plot line characters colligates with one another and that is quite amazingly lurid at the same time. The depredations were brought from all the corners of the story and directed towards Pip. Let’s go over the “what if”s postulates. What if Pip did not consent to steal? What if Provis was not the benefactor? What if Miss Havisham’s brother did not find himself conspiring against his sister? What if the benefactor’s companion did not break Miss Havisham’s heart? What if Mr Jaggers’ maid (Estella’s mother) was not a jealous woman who threatened to kill Estella when she was 3 years old? What if Wemmick had not shown his civil side? And most importantly, what if Estella did not hurt Pip when he was a kid that began the ripple effect and joined all the dots from the past, present and supposedly the future which created the greatest expectation for the protagonist that led to his life? A life, so beautiful which, for his disdain, gave him grief, sadness, disarray and kept him baffled but made him what he was destined to. His great expectations, that bent him down to be a humble gentleman though it costed him love, friendships and lives.What is beauty? A destroyer.

Reviewed by Pavan Kumar B C.

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