Magician in the Desert by Gaurav Rao [Book Review]

Magician in the desert.jpgTitle : Magician in the Desert

Author : Gaurav Rao

ISBN : 9789385936937

Publisher : Bloomsbury India

Genre : Economics and Business Management

Pages : 136

Source : Publisher

Rating : 3 stars



First of all, a heartfelt thanks to Bloomsbury India for proving The BookTrack team with a review copy of this book.

With the advent of Ola and Uber, the fleet management in India has undergone a drastic change. This book takes you a bit back and charts a short biography of Neeraj Gupta, founder and Managing Director of Meru Cab Company Pvt Ltd, India’s first and largest radio taxi company.

The story of Neeraj Gupta is phenomenal and important because neither he had any formal background/education of entrepreneurship nor he belonged to a financially strong background to back up his dreams. Also, his company is the first one in the country to organize the largely mismanaged and disintegrated industry of cab services and led it to great heights.

The author Gaurav Rao has done a good job in describing Neeraj Gupta’s early days when he struggled with a plethora of businesses- from a garage to wrought iron business before finally get a contract from TATA to manage its public transportation. The book smoothly describes how Neeraj Gupta built his empire with one effort at a time and how his cool and friendly personality, perseverance and a never ending aspiration to learn helped him in his way to success.

The book is short and not an extensive biography. Also the author has tried to fit his own thoughts and approach towards life, business and entrepreneurship in between which might sound a bit preachy to the reader every now and then. Nevertheless, the book is an honest and straightforward account of a self-made man who has made a dent in the Indian transportation scene.
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2 thoughts on “Magician in the Desert by Gaurav Rao [Book Review]

  1. Dhananjay Kapoor

    Fantastic revelation of an entrepreneur’s mind and an insight about how to deal with the Indian market and its various elements when you are setting off as a first time businessman in your family… without strong financial support!


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