Neon Noon by Tanuj Solanki [Book Review]

Neon Noon.jpgTitle : Neon Noon

Author : Tanuj Solanki

ISBN : 9789350296943

Publisher : HarperCollins India

Genre : Contemporary Fiction

Pages : 224

Source : Publisher

Rating : 5 stars

“So your heartbreak happened recently?”

“Well, she left about a year back. Eleven months, more like. But how do I know just when my heart broke? How many days before she left did it begin to break? I don’t know that. The breaking has continued. But somehow the story tore and now even that tearing has to end. I would know if there was anymore to it. There is no more to it. This is the end. Though life goes on indifferently, you know, like cliches do, like truth does”

I am among those people who handle their books like a baby. Forget dog-ears or scribbling, I often bubble-wrap them before putting my book in the bag. For the first time, I used a highlighter to highlight the above lines and for a while I felt as if I did it involuntarily, a snap action that just happened!

Also, for the first time I had a whirlpool of weird thoughts while reading a fiction, such as- “I will re-read this book (something which I have never done) when I am intoxicated” or “I will just sit in solitude and read some line aloud (I am not telling which lines) to myself.”

Are you wondering that I am not making sense? This is exactly what this “trippy” book just did to me and how!

The protagonist works in corporate while nurturing his dream of writing a book. He loves her french girlfriend of four years whom he had met at the business school. One unfortunate day, she leaves him and goes back to Switzerland and he is left to crumble and shatter. Not sure how to deal with the heartache, he goes to Pattaya for a vacation looking for sex where he meets two people who are like important landmarks in his journey- One eases his heartache giving him a flicker of hope again, while the other has all the qualities of the son that he never had.

This simple plot has been put down by the author in an extremely esoteric and mind-rumbling prose. The litany of ambiguous thoughts, the confusion, the introspection, the guilt, the passion, the sex, the heartache- everything have been knitted together profoundly to produce this extraordinary form of writing which makes it further difficult to believe that this is the debut work of the author. The writing is divergent, haphazard and moody but without digressing too much. Needless to say, you feel a literary freshness while turning the pages and the book is sure to completely mesmerize you while you are on it.

Neon Noon is just NOT a “Book about Heartache”. It is about dissonant thoughts, ambiguous actions and hopeful encounters.

Also, I must thank HarperCollins India for sending me a review copy of the book. Buy a copy for yourself from Amazon here.

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