Full Marks for Trying by Brigid Keenan [Book Review]

Full marks for trying.jpgTitle : Full Marks for Trying

Author : Brigid Keenan

ISBN : 9781408852279

Publisher : Bloomsbury India

Genre : Memoir

Pages : 208

Source : Self

Rating : 4 stars






Full Marks for Trying is a ‘coming-of-age’ memoir of Brigid Keenan. Brigid talks about her journey from India to England post the Indian independence and partition. She has had a rather colorful and unconventional life from her childhood during the pre-independence era in India to post-war England and on to a finishing school in Paris.

When she was young, Brigid had been labeled ‘desperately plain’ by her mother. This is when she decided to take matters in her own hands and became determined to do something great and rely on something, so as not to end up being on the bottom of the pile.

Brigid landed a job in London as an assistant at the Daily Express in her teens, following which she became a Fashion Editor when she was twenty-one at the Sunday Times. This happened during the early sixties, what a time to be in London! Brigid’s career has been rather fantastic and glamorous. She’s worked with the who’s who of in the glamour industry.

She’s worked with eminent personalities like Jean Shrimpton, David Bailey, Quant, Vidal Sassoon and has also covered the Paris collections. Brigid’s enthusiasm and hard work earned her the title ‘Young Meteor’ which was given to her by the media.

Brigid has written about her childhood in India, which she misses and which has now become a painful nostalgia. She describes the pre-independence India with vibrant details about the people, the places she had visited and lived in and about the great partition of Pakistan and India and the Hindu-Muslim clash which resulted in death of millions.

I must say it gets a little boring and frustrating after a while since it’s all about her. The book is a memoir so of course it is going to be all about the author, but at some point you will want some variety in the book. But the fact that it is so informative kind of compensates for that.

Brigid Keenan had a happy childhood with the only downside being when she was put in a boarding school. She is hard working, loyal and inspiring and has had a very versatile career. Her writing is fresh, honest, funny and witty!

The writing is great, there is no doubt about it, but, I have mixed feelings about this book and would recommend this book to people who want to read during leisure. The book certainly has a lot of information and has made me feel happy, angry and sad too. It’s a one time read.

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