The Criple and His Talismans by Anosh Irani [Book Review]

Cripple.jpgTitle : The Criple and His Talismans

Author : Anosh Irani

ISBN : 9789350296035

Publisher : Harper Collins India

Genre : Magical Realism

Pages : 232

Source : Self

Rating : 4 stars

The narrator has lost his arm (and he cannot recall how) and he is on a journey to find it. He starts the journey with a meeting with a man called the “In-charge” who gives him a clue and now it is upto him to unravel the mystery, look for the subsequent clues to retrieve his arm. Sounds simple? It isn’t!!

Along the way, he meets many people who are as weird and unique as him. A lady who sells rainbows, another lady who lights a thousand lamps, an underwater giant who is born out of a wedlock between a peacock and a river, a coffin-maker, a lonely boy in a train, a “goonda” and all of them lead him to a single man- The man who amputates the ones who don’t deserve limbs and then sells those limbs to others who are in a need of them!

“The Cripple and his Talisman” is dark, weird, unexpected, magical and adventurous. Some of the situations depicted might not get down well with the reader, especially the ones where the narrator goes into the flashback and describes his school life’s incidents. Also, the book is sure to take you unaware because you might find it completely random and disconnected at various points.

If you like your fiction to have a concrete, coherent plot, then this book is definitely not for you. But if you believe in the genre of “Magical Realism” and you can let yourself go while reading a book and love to expect the ‘unexpected’, then you will find this book a welcome and engrossing read.

Not to forget, the story is set up in Mumbai and the author doesn’t miss to mention various subtleties that echo the “Spirit of Mumbai’ every now and then.

This books again was a Birthday gift and I haven’t even heard of Anosh Irani before I got my hands on this beautiful and colorful hardcover. Later I got to know that his other works too have won a lot of accolades. I must appreciate the author for this impressive, honest and risky debut and I look forward to read his other works soon.

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