The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell [Book Review]

The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell.jpgTitle : The Tipping Point

Author : Malcolm Gladwell

ISBN : 9780316346627

Publisher : Little, Brown Book Group

Genre : Nonfiction

Pages : 301

Source : Self

Rating : 5 stars


“The Tipping Point” is that threshold after which the ideas tip, the plan gives exponential results, a happening becomes a social epidemic, a mere word of mouth goes viral, that small change which makes humongous difference. The Tipping Point can be a small change that you make in your advertising plan, a few people who have the intrinsic ability to influence other millions of people or just an idea whose time has come.

It was my first book by Gladwell and now I know why he is so famous. He uses three theories to explain why epidemics (social and business ones) happen- Law of the Few, Power of the context and The Stickiness Factor.

Each theory has been profoundly described with extremely interesting case studies. Contrary to the popular belief, this book is not only for business and management related people. Everyone must have in our lives have thought of some ideas, made some plans to achieve something or seen some product going viral. Gladwell theories explain that how simple, petite and unimaginable things can create a huge difference and bring about a phenomenal change. I am pretty much sure that anyone and everyone can relate to this book and can read without any boredom or feeling of irrelevance.


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