Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Truman Capote [Book Review]

Breakfast at Tiffany's Trumen Capote.jpegTitle : Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Author : Truman Capote

ISBN : 9780679745655

Publisher : Vintage Books

Genre : Short stories, Contemporary

Pages : 142

Source : Self

Rating : 4 stars




Holly Golightly is glamorous, fashionable and quirky. She is a party-freak with her apartment always buzzing with life, glamour, millionaires, high profiles and gangsters. She has been a child bride (Sorry for the spoiler here) and has eloped and now living on her own terms, taking life one day at a time. Golightly has a complex character- she is cruel but she loves madly, she seems as if she doesn’t care but she is generous, compassionate and a good friend. But this carefree attitude and nonchalance take its toll on her when she gets involved in a major crime unintentionally and her life changes. This is the story of Golightly, her dreams for Tiffant, her hopes even in the most challenging circumstances and her lifestyle which raises many eyebrows, narrated by her friend and her neighbor.

Audry Hepburn has already done a phenomenal job playing the character in the movie and though I haven’t seen the movie I can only wonder how amazingly and effortlessly she must have played this role.

This edition also contains three other short stories :-

1. House of Flowers- Ottilie is illiterate and an orphan. But she is happy because she has friends- Baby and Rosita, they go out together, have wine and enjoy their good time. But Ottilie’s life changes when she is lured in love by a rural rusty masculine man Royal Bonaparte and she decides to marry him even after being reprimanded by her friends. Though Royal lover her, her life changes after marriage. Royal’s grandmother is a senile, evil lady who keeps scolding her and whose idea of humor is pinching her hard on her skin while she is not alert. To make things work, she is even around to haunt her and keep a watch on her after she dies. Baby and Rosita find this suffering unacceptable and they offer Ottilie a chance to escape. Now Ottilie has to decide which road to take- love or freedom

2. A Diamond Guitar- Mr. Schaeffer is an old man serving his 99 years term in prison for killing a man. His prosaic life welcomes a new change when a 18 year old latino Tico Feo joins the prison. He is moody, liar but he plays a diamond studded guitar which he has brought with him to the prison. Schaeffer loves him (non platonic) and soon they become close friends. But Tico Feo has plans, plans to escape!

3. A christmas Memory- Two cousins live together- one is seven year old and her ‘buddy’ as she calls her cousin is sixty something. They are lonely, living on the edge but are happy. This is the story of their camaraderie, their plans for Christmas as they have to turn their pockets inside out to bake the cakes which they send to all their acquaintances including the American President.

All in all, these 4 stories were a welcome recluse from all the serious fiction/non fiction I have been reading lately. Strongly recommended.

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