India’s Afghan Muddle by Harsh V. Pant [Book Review]

India's Afghan Muddle by Harsh V Pant.jpgTitle : India’s Afghan Muddle

Author : Harsh V. Pant

ISBN : 9789351362128

Publisher : HarperCollins Publishers India

Genre : Non-Fiction, Geopolitics & International Relations

Pages : 194

Source : Self

Rating : 4 stars

This book was written in 2014, when US finally withdrew all its troops from Afghanistan seriously endangering the security of the region. The author Harsh V Pant, who is a Professor of International Relations at King’s college London has done a commendable job at carefully speculating and putting down that what a vulnerable and Taliban-threatened Afghanistan means for India and its security.

The book focusses on Indian interests in Afghanistan and the security vacuum that had been created post America’s withdrawal of troops, giving Taliban another chance to enter and wreak havoc in the country thus compromising the security of Indian Subcontinent.
The book also boldly concludes that how Pakistan, with its weak civilian government overpowered by the rogue military and intelligence, is the real culprit and how it has supported insurgents and Taliban in Afghanistan since ages and how it can be extremely disastrous for India if these forces again gain power.

At the end, the author puts forward his fears about the lack of a strong Indian foreign policy with Afghanistan and suggests some remedies to ensure that the safety and security of India is not endangered.

This was my first book on Geopolitics and International Relations so undoubtedly it was a difficult read. But if not anything else, this book gave me a fair insight about how just a Geographical location of a country can be of a strong strategic importance for her and how the security and stability of that country can have direct effects on all her neighbors.

An enlightening read. Buy from Amazon here.


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