Black, White and the Grays in Between by Abhishek A. Hemrajani [Book Review]

Blac White and the grays in between.jpgTitle : Black, White and the Grays in Between

Author : Abhishek A. Hemrajani

ISBN : 9789386073389

Publisher : Notion Press

Genre : Contemporary

Pages : 196

Source : Self

Rating : 5 stars







“Life has an extraordinary ability to leave you unfulfilled”

It has been quite a while that a sentence has been indelibly stuck in my mind (the last time it happened with “The Bridges of Madison County”), that too the first sentence of the book!

Life doesn’t always give you something that you need in the form of what you want. Also, the way you see your life and expect it to turn up might be completely different from what it actually turns up to be- these are the two themes around which this story revolves.

Kanak has almost everything that a woman would ask for – A successful career in Medicine in Texas, a loving and devoted husband and a single father who loves her to the core.
Rukhsar lives in Bombay and is the rebel at her home and when she gets the chance of her lifetime to study medicine at the States, she is sure that now nothing can come between her and her dreams, not even true love.

But then life happens and destiny makes their paths cross in such a way that both need to get over their past, fears and apprehensions and take a decision that will change the course of their lives forever.

The author has indeed done a commendable job in selecting the title of the book- A profound title which speaks much of the story, still without giving anything away. Also he has left no stone unturned to vividly describe the emotions without getting too verbose.
The chapter where Kanak is anxious about her pregnancy has been written extremely well and it is sure to touch the cords.

Also at the end when you think the story is getting quite predictable, the author serves his masterstroke and you can’t help but be amused to see how effortlessly a small twist in the story can actually change your perspective of how you see the characters and understand their thought process.

3 stars to the book + 1 star to the author for an honest attempt and brilliant debut!

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