George by Alex Gino [Book Review]

George by Alex GinoTitle : George

Author : Alex Gino

ISBN : 9780545812542

Publisher : Scholastic Press

Genre : LGBT

Pages : 195

Source : Self

Rating : 5 stars






George is a ten year old kid. He lives with his mother and a elder brother named Scott and he has a best friend at school named Kelly. Everything is normal except the fact that George is completely convinced that she is a girl!

While she is trying to keep this knowledge as a secret, her teacher announces that their class play is going to be “Charlotte’s Web”. George thinks that this is an amazing opportunity to tell everyone that she is a girl by playing the role of Charlotte in front of everyone, specifically her mom. But the teacher won’t allow her to play Charlotte because everyone thinks that she is a boy!

Her best friend Kelly comes to her rescue and both hatch a successful plan to help George play Charlotte and tell everyone in her own way that she is a girl.

There are plethora of books written on LGBT theme but I am not sure of a fiction specifically revolving around a trans-kid. The humongous and apparently controversial issues of transgenderism, coming out, difference between being a gay and a transgender, the questions of “Which washroom to use” etc are so effortlessly yet so profoundly woven into a piece of fiction that the reader cannot help but applaud the author for this piece of work.

As one of the testimonials read, “This is an important book..but more importantly, it’s a really good book”. Even after written from a kid’s perspective and discussing such a sensitive issue, the book is nowhere boring or laid-back. In fact it actually becomes a page turner when George appears as Charlotte on the stage without informing anyone else beforehand.

If you want to make someone aware about what being a transgender actually is, you can start with suggesting this book.

Buy yourself a copy from Amazon here.


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