Don’t Let Him Know by Sandip Roy [Book Review]

Don't let him know.jpgTitle : Don’t Let Him Know

Author : Sandip Roy

ISBN : 9781620408988

Publisher : Bloomsbury India

Genre : LGBT/Contemporary

Pages : 256

Source : Self

Rating : 5 stars





Don’t let him know revolves around Romola Dutt and her family. The stories are interconnected and set across three generations and two continents. The author, with his vivid description, has managed to capture the essence of Calcutta, Carbondale and California.

The story begins with Romola Dutt visiting her son Amit and his family in California after the death of her husband, Avinash. Amit finds a part of a torn letter and tells his mother about it. The letter sends Romola into a deep reverie, which the author has explained through a series of interconnected stories in the following chapters.

The author delves into the past of the three central characters – Romola, her husband Avinash and her son Amit. With each story, the author reveals the characters’ personalities, their hidden secrets, beliefs, etc. From Romola’s childhood stories to Avinash’s coming to term with his sexuality and Amit’s childhood in Calcutta and his University days in San Fransisco.

The author through his intricate narration reveals the secrets of each character through the stories of their past. From Romola’s secret crush on a movie star, to Avinash’s sexuality, past affairs and secret desires and Amit’s dilemma. Secrets play a very important role in the book. Each character has their own baggage of secrets which they carry through generations.

A fantastic debut. Must read! Buy yourself a copy from Amazon here-



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