My Gita by Devdutt Pattanaik [Book Review]

My Gita by Devdutt PattanaikTitle : My Gita

Author : Devdutt Pattanaik

ISBN : 9788129137708

Publisher : Rupa Publications India

Genre : Mythology

Pages : 256

Source : Self

Rating : 3 stars






First things first, this is NOT an abridged translation of Bhagvad Gita. The author users various phrases from Gita, paraphrases them, explains according to his own reasoning, equating them to incidents in Ramayana, Mahabharata, Bhagavat, Puranas and even Buddhism!

The book starts with the introduction of Gita, where the author tells about the number of Gita’s available around us and which one is the most popular among them. He goes on to explain about the connection between each of them and when each of them were originated and about their reliability.

The arrangement of chapters in Gita is also described along with the motive it serves. Devdutt explains why he’s written the Gita this way and it’s significance.

Devdutt through his version of Gita has not only focused on Hinduism but also has discussed other cultures and the differences between them.

Flow charts and images have been extensively used to demystify complex spiritual topics and it is a decent book to understand ancient Hindu and Sanatan Dharm values, but it is not a replacement to the original Gita.

My Gita is another marvellous offering from Pattanaik. The author has done great service to the society by presenting complex epics and the personalities therein in a manner that a common man can relate to them and comprehend the inherent messages.

“As long as we seek validation from the world around us, we are entrapped by aham. As soon as we realize that all meaning comes from within, that it is we who make the world meaningful, we are liberated by atma”

The author has done a lot of research in describing the eighteen themes and the different charts. The book is illustrated to help in better understanding.

Highly recommended.


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